Tracy’s Healthy life style Continues …

January 1st I embarked on my healthy living and weightloss journey, by April I was at my desired weight and feeling pretty good about myself. Nine months on and although around 4lbs heavier I feel happy in general that i’ve managed to keep most of the weight off.

Not Easy

I am not going to lie, keeping my weight down has been somewhat of a challenge these past few years, Why? well I’m not sure but something changed, I just don’t know what exactly, Age and medication are possible contributing factors.


My diet is all over the place if I’m honest, it shouldn’t be so difficult but i seem to struggle. The only meal I religiously eat healthy is breakfast, lunch is crackers and tea is what I can be bothered to make, usually a microwave low fat meal (high in salt though, not good) or just more crackers! I spend all my time taking care of my family I seem to completely neglect myself. Getting out of this habit is difficult but I can do it because I’ve done it before. I think the fact I have managed to keep the majority of my weight off is a big factor of not pushing myself to continue with my better food choices.  


Exercise is one of the biggest reasons I haven’t gained too much weight, I exercise almost daily recently taken up fitness classes too. Although I must admit a workout on the Treadmill is my favourite form of exercise. My body is fairly toned , i still have a jelly belly but after 6 kids (including twins) that is hardly surprising!

Weekends Away & Visits

As the lockdown started to ease the opportunity of going away was open and with that good food and wine would be part of a well earned treat that I would enjoy. I recently got back from a weekend away in Tattershall with my dear friends and fellow focused friends team members Deano & Debbie with Deano’s husband Kev joining us too.

First evening I made homemade pizza, second evening salad with Traditional Lincolnshire sausages, Haslet, Stuff Chine and plum bread, third evening was Kebabs, I chose the healthy Chicken kebab but with a side order of onion rings and fries so not healthy, although I didn’t manage to eat them all. This was all washed down with some Wine so my calorie intake doubled to what it normally would be, oh and lets not forget to mention eating out during the day as well. The good part is we all did a lot of walking and managed 10000 steps plus every day.

Every time I go away I usually put on a couple of pounds, this last weekend away I only gained 1 pound which I could hardly believe, but, still, I am now 5 pounds heavier rather than the 4 mentioned earlier in the article!

Start Again.

Even though I have nowhere near as much to loose as I did at the beginning of the year I need to focus and start changing my food choices. It sounds simple enough but currently I am dealing with some personal issues at home and on top of my Parkinson’s diagnosis it can hinder my way of thinking. Having a balanced diet is more important for me right now and with that I am sure my weight would drop. So here I go AGAIN!

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