A Light Aglow in the Darkness

“The mist after rain, uninterrupted rainfall on rooftops, pitter-patter intellect. The thoughts I leave behind like footsteps.”

– Chris Campanioni.

The rain is falling heavily outside. I hear it falling on the trees in the small woodland beside our cottage, here by the untamed Suffolk coast; the eastern-most coast of England. On the roof of our cottage, it cascades in small waterfalls from gutter pipes that line the roof but which have become clogged over the year. The rainfall upon the slate roof, of this part of the cottage, sounds quick, rhythmic and almost musical. As if wanting to sing along, I just heard our ‘Alexa’ remind me that it is time to take my last medications of the day; now it is midnight. How modern; such a juxtaposition to my setting, which is a cottage built in the late 1400’s, beside a woodland!

It is pitch black in darkness, outside. It is cloudy and so there is neither moonlight or starlight. We have no street lamps, in our country lane, and the neighbouring cottages are all in darkness, as our neighbours all visit ‘The Land of Nod’; or sleep, as most people know it. For me, I have had a burst of energy and while my hubby and our dogs are now all tucked up for the night, I am sat at my desk and just enjoying the sounds and the scene. This is where I exist and I am smiling as I type this, for it is a happy scene and I feel grateful for all of it.

it is my belief that these are the moments that we so easily overlook. These are the moments that pepper our days and provide the setting for our lives and yet these are the moments that we also forget. This room that I am in is aglow with the warmth of lamp-light. This is our guest room, but when we do not have friends or family staying over, it is my art studio, my writing den and my music room. It is where I create. It is where I do much thinking and it is where we welcome people to the comfort and sanctuary of our home. It is a happy place. This is the room in which, today, I chatted with two of my cousins and messaged with a number of dear friends.

If you want to, just for a moment, imagine a centuries old cottage, not far from the wild North Sea coast. There is a heavy rainfall pelting against that cottage. In all of the surrounding darkness, one little glowing window is visible among the nearby woodland and surrounding coutryside. One little window is aglow with the warm lamp-light that welcomes loved ones when they come to stay. Inside that little window, within the old cottage that has stood in its place for hundreds and hundreds of years, is me! I am at my desk, typing my blog and smiling, as I listen to the sound of splashing and dropping water. As I listen to the sound of cascading water falling from claggy pipes and as I hear ‘Alexa’ remind me to take my medication; while two dogs and one Kevin snooze blissfully. On some level, right now in their slumber, maybe they are each aware that our neighbours, and fellow villagers, sleep gently nearby, too.

As I end this blog post, I am now wondering who may read it and where you may be? I am wondering about what scene and setting you find yourself in right now and I hope that yours is a good, safe and happy place? I hope that you, too, are smiling because you are taking in the simple beauty of the present moment. I firmly believe that we need to make more time to simply enjoy and experience our present moments.

Perhaps, if you find yourself awake one night, you might describe that scene you find yourself in, in the comments below and share this experience? Do you agree that we would benefit from taking time to experience our present moments, more fully and more consciously?

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