Tracy’s Health and Fitness Journey Part 1

This will be an ongoing Journey of my health in general, if you are reading my article for the first time then you will not be aware of my Parkinson’s diagnosis. I was diagnosed 6 years ago (although my symptoms start 2 years prior) In the six years since my diagnoses my medications have increased and increased in order to help with the progression of my symptoms, even though this has helped, I do struggle daily with many aspects of my day to day life. Also, last year I was told my right knee is nearly bone to bone so you can add arthritis to my list of health issues too! I have six children, although my three eldest have left home now, they are 27 and my twins are 25. I live at home with my three younger children 20, 11 and 7 and my husband.

This article is about me ”trying” and “doing my best” in keeping fit and helping myself with better food choices, losing weight is not my priority, if I lose some then great but that is not my goal.


Exercise has been proven to help slow down the progression of Parkinson’s Disease so that alone is good enough reason for me to keep fit and exercise! The other factor is seeing the benefits of a toned body, after almost 2 years of walking on my treadmill and doing weights I feel my body is in pretty good shape ,considering! although my tummy is a disaster area and needs working on!
I will be sharing my weekly exercises and how I am feeling about my current week with you, I welcome any tips or advice so please feel free to comment below.

20th -26th September

As I am writing this on Thursday 30th September the week has not finished so I will start with the above dates

I am a little disappointed with the week, firstly I didn’t reach my target steps on two of the days but this was down to feeling under the weather and secondly, because I hadn’t managed my target steps, my weekly distance had dropped as well.. I did two classes with Beth from bounceback on her recorded sessions plus my weights so not a total write off. .

Daily Target Reached? NO

How did I Feel?

I struggled with extreme tiredness which caused my symptoms to be much worse, especially in the afternoons. I did a little jogging at 7.5km p/h but mainly a Walking pace at 6km p/h as my foot was dragging. Each session on the treadmill is around 35-40 minutes, 10 minutes of weights.

My Diet

My breakfast ( I ran out of tomatoes so i had a spoon of tinned instead)

My diet this week has as usual been terrible, although I maintain to eat a healthy breakfast of 2 slices (small) wholemeal toast, two grilled tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, poached egg and a small piece of black pudding. As I do most of my exercise first thing in the morning I find having a good breakfast gives me the energy to have a good workout, oh and I time my exercise with my medications to optimise my best performance also. Lunch consists of cracker-breads with either low fat spread or ham slices. Evening Meal, oh dear, that is where it usually goes wrong, this particular week I snacked on cracker breads, a packet of walkers french fries, small packet of cadburys chocolate fingers and an options hot chocolate most evenings. I will do better the following week. Monday to Thursday I don’t drink alcohol, or try not to but this week I have crumbled and had a couple of 187ml bottles of Rose during the week, I could put this down to stress, but it’s more to do with the fact I enjoy a glass of wine. Cutting down further (i.e only having a drink once a week) is in the future but im not there yet lol!

I do hope you follow and enjoy my Journey, I can guarantee there will be many ups and downs along the way, By writing and sharing this Journey I hope it will help me continue to Keep Fit and Stay Healthy. If you are on a similar journey I would love to hear from you so please feel free to comment below.

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