Can we have October again?

Fall is a favourite time of year at my home. October especially because there is so much to do without a lot of stress involved. I’m in Canada so we get Thanksgiving the second weekend. We get to start wearing sweaters and socks and put the heat on and the fireplace. The days of course get shorter. The kitchen gets warmer as we cook more in the oven and stop using the barbecue. We visit places like the pumpkin patch, the apple farm, the corn maze. We walk along the river to look at the fall leaves.

And of course there’s Halloween. Which is a great joy at my house. I have never been a “buy your costume ready-made kind of person”. As a mother that is tripled because I have two boys and a girl and they love to dress up. We over decorate, we carve pumpkins, we spend countless hours sewing and creating and shifting the costume boxes around to find just the right piece to finish off our look.

Could we have two Octobers every year? I could just plod my way through another month of this. Beautiful sunny days, a bit of rain. And I need more time. More time to plant some more bulbs, to clean up the leaves, to get in a walk without gloves.

I wish October would stay for longer.

But winter is coming and it’s time now to take out the hats, scarves, coats, boots, gloves, the snow shovel and hunker down.

Maybe November will be a mild one this year? And we can pretend it’s October again

Margaret S. Morton- fall enthusiast

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