Just Like Old Times

Kevin and I were joined, at home, by two very dear friends this afternoon. They are Helen and Kim. It struck me just how long it has been since we have been able to spend a fair few hours of simple, quality time together. We realised that the last time we were able to enjoy such a day was before the first Covid-19 lockdown of 2020! If you would have told me, back then, that life would have played out as it has, since the start of 2020, I would never have believed you.

Time with loved ones is precious, for these are the times we will look back upon and remember with fondness. Kev cooked a sumptuous roast lamb dinner and a fruit crumble for dessert and we wiled away the hours each catching up with life. We all needed to think about how to catch up upon so much. The simplest way to do that was to begin in the present and then update on the landmark events of recent times; of which there have been many for us all.

I am of the opinion that 2020 will yet further cast out its ripples, which many of us will feel for some time to come. Given how late we are into 2021, it struck me just how powerful the events of 2020 were and how impacting, that we four friends should still be experiencing the consequences of it.

It was also evident that we are all feeling cautious about what will be happening in our country, in the short-term. As Helen and Kim left, to return home, we all acknowledged a sense of ‘We hope to see you again very soon…..although, are we about to be put into another lockdown?’ So, the trepidation that is ingrained in us all, based upon the events of 2020, and the added uncertain state of things today, as reported in our daily news broadcasts, leaves us in this feeling of ‘limbo’; will we see each other soon or will there be new restrictions placed upon our freedoms?

I am sure that the fragile state we are in, of uncertainty, will continue for a while to come. I fully support the need for lockdowns, when necessary. It is interesting, however, to look at the aftermath and the longer term consequences for people, though. Perhaps, all over the country, or even the world, friends are still only now gathering for the first time since lockdown? I wonder what people are noticing about time without access to family and friends?

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  1. I have been thinking of covid babies having their social cues from masked faces. How will they be impacted. Thanks for your article M


    1. Goodness, yes, that is an interesting thought and quite a concerning one. That said, maybe we should consider Islamic countries where face covering is the norm? I wonder whether we have something to learn from people in those cultures and how communicative signals may come from voice tone or from other body language?


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