Narrowing down my focus

I joined in on a conversation today on line. One of the topics they discussed was “if you could only pick one area of focus on social media what would you choose and why?”

At first this was a very hard one for me to narrow down. I listened to several of the other peoples’ ideas. Most of them had a focus right away. A lot of peoples focus were very similar to each other. Likely because we were in a group of people with the same type of interest – furniture refreshing. While I really enjoy furniture refreshing I don’t think that if I could only talk about one thing on social media that’s what I would want to discuss. I have so many more interests but none of them represent one strong area that I think would fit me.

Like everyone I have many roles to fill. I am a parent, wife, household manager. I enjoy many areas of creativity including writing, painting, gardening, household decoration and renovation… you see where I’m going with this. A lot of stuff and none of it that I would want to talk about for the rest of my social media life. What would I get bored with? what would viewers get bored with? And does each subject have a lifespan? For example painted furniture is beautiful but it has really been shared enough I think and anything that you want to find is readily available on Pinterest.

I love being a parent but I definitely don’t want to talk about it and I’m pretty sure my boys and my daughter don’t want me talking about it either.

Household management, that could be a thing. But again not very interesting on the whole. If you want to tip on how to clean out the tracks of a window I have several of them but really, why would you want to read about that.

I do like to write. If you are a regular reader you know that poetry is a favourite past time of mine. I’m also working on a short story. But both of those things don’t make for a very engaging social media life.

Maybe the problem is that I just have a boring life. Which for most I think probably is the case. I enjoy the way I live but I don’t think anybody wants to read about it. Being in a happy marriage could possibly be a way to connect with people. I could share my tips and tricks. But maybe those tips and tricks only work on that one particular man. It might not be for everybody.

So I made a complaint that one thing to discuss only on my social media would mean that I would have to leave a whole lot of other things out that I enjoy. After discussing my love of thrift and updating the home using thrifty pieces I’ve had a lightbulb moment. I realized that if I had to pick just the one thing it would be great to talk about how I create the environment that I love and I’m comfortable in through my love of thrift shopping and transforming every day things to make them more modern and fit with my lifestyle. This subject to me excites me. Because I can take any number of things from my home or that are given to me etc. and re-create those items for how they would be used in today’s home environment. It could include painting over old mass produced paintings, using the good China and silverware in conjunction with shells that I find on the beach and thrifted vases etc is in candlesticks.

So with that one conversation I happily have narrowed down my choice for focus in my social media community.

Using what I have, or finding items for less to create a home environment and a lifestyle that gives me joy. But cuts down on waist and spending. This also allows me creativity options. Which gives me great joy.

I’m not cookie cutter and I like what I like. Until I like something else. I am ever changing.

So watch this space or find me on Instagram as I bring my focus in this area to life. My life.

Please drop me a line and let me know how you feel about what you would choose? I’d love to hear your thoughts on what your focus is and how that focus will bring you joy.

Margaret Morton- focused friend

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