Tracy’s Healthy Living ~ Back on the Diet AGAIN! week 4

Why do I keep putting the weight back on ?

In two years I have lost weight twice only to gain it all back on by Christmas. I have managed to gain 12lbs, (shockingly 8 in this last month). I am so annoyed and disappointed with myself . How do I keep repeating the same mistakes? Although this time I am determined to be at my desired weight by Christmas.

Possible Reasons

My Parkinson’s symptoms have worsened as-well as my arthritis in my knees which is becoming more painful , So I have struggled to maintain my high level exercises .

Stress! The past 2 months my home life has been very stressful and the months ahead I see nothing but more stress looming, I know the future is uncertain and I have a feeling my life will be changing hugely. All this has had an impact on my diet, irregular meals and snacking has crept back.

Feeling low. I use this terminology rather than depression because I don’t suffer with depression. Feeling low for me is when I cut myself off and distance myself from communicating with friends. Does feeling low have any reason for my weight gain? Well I think so, when I feel low my body goes through some sort of hibernation, it just slows down. Of course, I have no medical experience and have no idea if there is any actual truth in my theory!

What can I do?

Exactly, what can I do? Well, I am in control of my eating and My first step is I know the benefits and importance of recording my food intake, I use the app Nutracheck. I think Another reason for my weight gain is once I have reached my desired weight I tend to stop recording my meals. This is a mistake, I must continue to use Nutracheck all the time, not just the period of my diet.

Adapting to Change

I started this journey saying it wasn’t about losing weight, (at the time I was only 4 or 5lbs heavier) but things change and we just have to adapt to them. Funnily enough I have gained more weight since trying to start my healthy living lifestyle Journey! And, I admit I failed, but, I need to move on and already on my 2nd day I feel better for making a positive step towards losing weight.

Exercise Plan

I am on my treadmill everyday, I do a 30 minute session every morning. I will try to increase this by 15 mins and do another session in the afternoon when possible but afternoons I tend to slow down and my symptoms are at there worst, so I can only do what I can do. I still do my chair weights which I love, and at 49 I am proud of my toned and muscular arms!

4 thoughts on “Tracy’s Healthy Living ~ Back on the Diet AGAIN! week 4

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  1. I totally understand the weight battle Tracy. The ups and downs, the gains and losses. As you know, I’ve been there and back on the same journey so many times and am on that same journey once again at this time, and cover all of my ups and downs in my blog,

    You’re taking the first steps again, so acknowledge your determination, be kind to yourself and take each day one at a time.
    We will each get to our desired destinations /goals, and when we do, we shall have to do a tik tok celebratory dance together! 😁 (Now there’s an inventive! Haha)

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    1. We are definitely not alone when it comes to the highs and lows of losing and gaining weight. I can relate so much in your articles and some of what you are going through, the choices we make and how “life” can change so rapidly can alter our eating habits. It is a constant struggle, hence why I’m Starting my third Diet in two years 🤦🏻‍♀️😬

      I have no doubt we will succeed though Debbie 😍 and when we do I agree that a tik tok celebratory dance is a definite must! 😄

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  2. I saw an interesting info-mercial on this very subject. The presenter; a personal trainer, stated he had a newly found science about chemicals in the brain which are triggered and switched off by our dietary and exercise habits. He claimed that when we diet and exercise, we naturally lose weight but that certain ‘survival’ chemicals and processes are triggered in the brain which counter our efforts; for the brain thinks what we are doing is going to risk the body running out of energy, nutrients and all the things it needs to ensure the body is sustained.

    He developed a way to get fit with diet and exercise but in a way that stopped the ‘survival’ process and which, instead, gets the brain to join in rather than counter defend our efforts.

    It was ultimately to do with the function of the metabolism, too.

    Maybe look into this and see if there is anything worth following up on?

    Great post. You will achieve your goals. Maybe science can help us a little?

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    1. This is very interesting Deano , I will definitely look into it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.


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