Bad Language?

Have you ever tried, or considered trying, to learn another language? There are many reasons why people take up the study of another language. For some, it can simply be about getting by on a holiday abroad while for others it may be helpful or needed in the workplace. Some people have a particular love of a country or culture and others may have an interest in something that hails back further in their family history. The reasons for taking up learning a new language are many; certainly more than I have named here. Many people will have had to simply learn the basics of another language in their school years, too.

I have , over the past couple of years, been working through an online language course provider’s courses in French. I was so in love with learning languages at school and, while my German, Latin, Spanish and Japanese are pretty rough these days (my ability to speak in Japanese is long gone) but, over my life, I have always tried to maintain my French language skills.

I love France and I have always had only positive experiences of working and studying with French people. Certainly, I am aware of a sizeable French history in my family tree, too. Back in my school years, French was my favourite subject to study.

Since the advent of the internet, in my lifetime, and since the internet has developed beyond anything I thought I would see in my lifetime, access to studying from home, via online apps, has opened up the range and accessibility for language courses, hugely. Gone are the days when you would be offered either French, German,Spanish or Latin at school. Now, through online study, you can find courses in pretty much any language that you might be interested in.

The benefits of language study are considerable. For one, we learn more about other countries and cultures but we also develop our communication skills, style and our personal self-confidence levels may well grow higher.

Again, through the internet, we can now so easily listen to radio or watch tv and film in languages other than our own and this broadening of our experience can only serve us, and our communities, well. I am also a firm believer that there there is more that we have in common with people from other countries, for example, than that separates or divides us. This has been my experience, unquestionably.

From a health perspective, taking up the study of another language can result in improved cognitive function; retaining the working facets of our brain and potentially holding at bay some of the neurological decline that life and age may bring. For me, I am sure that putting this effort into my neurological processes will only help me to stave off, at least for a while, some of the ravages of Parkinson’s Disease, upon my brain. Socially, we may broaden our friendship groups by meeting new people who study a language, who may be from a country or culture your language skills are teaching you about or we may simply be delighted that we can enjoy that foreign language movie, the foreign language radio or even read labels on products we buy, that are made in another country.

Let us not forget how much we may learn from other people, outside of our own country or culture, about food, history, politics, the environment, culture….I could go on.

So, how are your language studies going? Mine are going well. I would love to learn about your experience and so please do drop a message below this post, to share something of your experience/s.
Meanwhile, do go online, or look at local adult education classes. I have truly found an online service provider incredibly helpful and my language skills are growing by the day.

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