All Worn out!

January 1st I was completely motivated to lose weight! It started well, losing 7lbs in under 3 weeks but I just couldn’t seem to get my rhythm back into my exercise regime. I regularly do my weights but I genuinely don’t seem to have anytime or extra energy to go on my treadmill.

I am Still getting used to a different lifestyle since my husband started working away in December, trying to find that right balance where i can still find time to do my exercises as well as single handily run the household is proving to be a challenge.

My mornings start at 4am every morning, this isn’t a new thing really but what has changed is I now zoom with my husband, Stephen, during the week. Its normally anywhere between 4 and 5am, (he works the night shift for DHL as a HGV driver and tends to get to his lodgings around this time). I’m usually on this call for 45 minutes, after our call I start making our children their packed lunches, followed by Waking them and starting breakfast. Next I get their clothes ready, as they seem unable to!! , I clean up after breakfast and before you know it it’s time to take them to school and work. My children ( which still live at home are 20, 12 and 8, )

My eldest that is living at home has been struggling since the Covid pandemic to get a driving test, but the wait is nearly over and the test is very soon, so I really hope it’s a first time pass for everyone’s sake!! Fingers crossed. This will ease pressure of having to ferry Charlie about.

I am pretty much a single parent during the week… which is hard work even if you are healthy let Alone someone, like me, living with Parkinson’s… oh and almost 50! I’m just tired, everything seems to hurt, I seem to be in constant pain in my lower back and my muscles seem to tighten in a knot and feels like it’s about to pop out my body, which is excruciating. I feel stressed 90% of my time and yet, I take on more and more .. just ridiculous pressure to put on myself. .

A couple of weeks ago my youngest, Sebastian, tested positive for COVID, not long after my, eldest, Charlie tested positive. So not only was I trying to do homeschooling, I needed to take my other son to school. Somehow I didn’t catch it but less than a week later I had flu like symptoms, it has knocked me for six and I’m still far from right. As usual I was left to take care of everyone Regardless of me feeling so poorly, just another hurdle to face as a Mum, and that’s fine that’s what alot of us Mums do .

Shopping, cleaning, cooking, washing, painting and decorating, family commitments are all keeping me busy so I am managing between 12-18 thousand steps a day (without going on treadmill). Unfortunately , my eating is awful, I have no breakfast, snack on cracker breads all day and currently drinking 3 hot chocolates a day! It’s so easy to get into bad habits. I know my lack of vitamins and a healthy balanced diet will not be helping with my energy levels…. I just need to get my life back on track, i need to organise my time better… I just NEED TO DO BETTER!

My Parkinson’s symptoms are just an absolute nightmare, making my daily life even more difficult, I somehow get through the day but I’m wondering how I’m going to manage when it’s the spring and the garden needs looking after as-well as everything else !! I really don’t think I can do it! No, I know I can’t do it. Everyone sees me as Supermum and perhaps I perceive to be but reality is, I’m not! I’m just a nearly 50yr old mum with Parkinson’s, and trying to live the best life I can!

Anyway On that note I think I will go to sleep, it’s now 11pm.

I am going to at least try and start doing better by ……

STEP ONE~ Eat Breakfast 

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