In the Darkest of Times, There is Still Light.

(Warning – this post contains a graphic description of the death of a pregnant woman in Ukraine).

I feel physically sickened.

Nothing symbolises the despicable cruelty of President Putin more than the death of the beautiful pregnant woman and her unborn child.

Imagine, you are this woman.

You are excited about life and filled with dreams of the future life of your developing baby that you carry.

One day, a bomb drops and there you are, in a bloody mess and in agonising pain. Your hip is brutally crushed, your pelvis horrifically detached and the beautiful new life, the unborn child you carry, begins to die,

Knowing what is happening, as this woman did, you scream out begging to die. All that you dreamed of has been destroyed.

You are taken to hospital where your beautiful life ends and, as you die, your baby is cut out from you, only to be revealed that your baby has also been murdered by the falling bomb.

Three weeks ago, you were a kind and happy person, living a normal life in your peaceful community, in your beautiful country. Your baby had all the beautiful possibilities of life ahead.

President Putin, you are nothing other than the living manifestation of evil.

Russian people….he does this in your name!

Here is the latest news report on this tragic event, from Sky News.

Like I say, I am utterly sickened.


…What is beautiful, at such unimaginable times, is to witness the outpouring of kindness and of love. We see this in the response of countries that neighbour Ukraine and we see this in the response from people from all over the world. People have been handing out food, water, clothes, children’s toys and they have offered their homes to refugees and even to the pets of the refugees. It is at the times when a select few can be at their worst, that the majority stand up and do their best.

Never lose hope or faith in the overriding goodness of humanity.

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