Any way you say it – relaxation brings joy

Hygge, koselig, Il dolce far niente, Mattari, entspannen- internationally- these basically break down to the same thing – RELAX

There’s a movement people. Are you a relaxer? When was the last time that you checked out and just did nothing for the sake of doing nothing. Put down your phone turn off the TV and just relax.

I have been craving a picnic by the lake in the mountains. And today was the perfect day for it. While our group fished, hiked, talked and cooked – I took advantage of doing nothing but watching the fire, napping and listening. Sweet nothing for hours. Surrounded by stunning evergreen trees, a sparkling lake and the sounds of nature. It was bliss. I wished there were a hammock. But my big fluffy lawn chair sufficed. I enjoyed taking pictures and watching the kids roast marshmallows for smores.

And that was it. Sweet nothing. Just being seeing and hearing.

Every country has there version of what this means. But in the world of rushing to get ahead we don’t spend enough time just enjoying nothing. I have changed that in my life. I and my family are happier for it.

Now it’s times I finish this writing and join my husband on the patio to stare at blooming flowers.

Margaret Morton
Nothing sweeter than time to care for yourself.

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