Introducing Ruth

My dear friend Dean Parsons challenged me one day a few years ago to write a story about myself and the Characters from the last show I watched. Instead of writing about myself I came up with this character named Ruth. I have no idea why I chose not to be myself as challenged. But Ruth has grown into a very interesting character for me and has made her way into many of my writings.

Later in another challenge by my beloved friend Dean, I used Ruth again and created another story about how I met him.

Those two short little titbits of writing have now turned into a much longer and more involved story that I’ve been working on for some time. It’s slow going because I am not a professional writer by any means. But I’m enjoying creating a story that I hope one day to leave behind and share with those who would like to read it.

Ruth is kind of a quirky lady. She’s had some trauma in her life but with her positive mindset and rose coloured glasses she’s trying to make life better for herself and those around her.

I really have no idea where I came up with her name. I just thought it was old-fashioned and unassuming. Which is Ruth. She’s the lady that is standing in the background and you don’t notice her but she hears everything that’s going on. Although when she wants to be seen people notice her. Ruth is an observer. I think she’s very beautiful in a plain way. But she likes to keep things simple.

Ruth is frugal and creative. She is a devoted person to those that she loves.

I recently was introduced to the concept of fictional blogging. I’ve never heard of this concept before and it excited me. I would love to write more about Ruth and see where I can take her. So with a little practice here I will see whether she is somebody people would like to read about. I feel like I can let out my quirky side. As well as other parts of me that I find boring in myself but can make more interesting through the life of Ruth.

I hope that over time you will begin to love Ruth like I do.

Margaret S Morton, am I crazy? Probably

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