“Hi and a very warm welcome to you. Thank your for visiting us, here at Focused Friends. Focused friends was founded by my dear friend, Tracy White, and I (Deano Parsons), in 2020. Tracy and I had become friends while volunteering for a support group on Facebook, aimed at supporting those with Parkinson’s Disease; a disease we both have. That particular group came to an end and so Tracy and I set about creating a replacement, which we named ‘Parkinson’s Road. This is where the magic began.

Over three years, that followed, Parkinson’s Road grew to a membership in the thousands, from across the globe and a team of volunteers who also come from far flung countries. A thriving support community was built and friendships established, worldwide. Having achieved this wonderful outcome, with our team colleagues, Tracy and I each needed to rest and to seek new challenges. So, we each stepped down from our roles in Parkinson’s Road in November 2020. It was at that time, that we had the idea for ‘Focused Friends’; a place for creativity, well-being and friendship.

Soon after Focused Friends had started to develop and grow, Tracy and I invited former colleagues from Parkinson’s Road to join us. Of those, Debbie Walker and Margaret S. Morton each accepted our invitation; while also continuing on at Parkinson’s Road.

We four have equal status in Focused Friends and we aim to build, together, on what Tracy and I started in 2020. Our aim is to offer a genuine and real expression of our life experiences; the highs and the lows, in our own individual ways and styles. This will be through the posts we make here, at this web site which we feel is more of an ‘online magazine.’

You will find articles and podcasts and all supported with the media of photography, uploaded images of our artworks and creative activities as well as, for example, through the publication of both artistic and documentary styled video creations. We have great fun putting these together and we very much hope that you enjoy all that we publish here, as much as we enjoy creating it.” – Deano Parsons.

Are you ready to accompany the team at Focused Friends, on a journery through life? Please participate as interactively as possible. Post replies and comments. Hit the ‘like’ button. ‘Share’ posts and share links to this site. If you have something to share, contact the Focused Friends team members and ask to make a guest contribution; in the form of an article or video, artwork or performance art representation. Focused Friends welcomes the participation of those who follow this site and the associated social media pages.