A warm welcome to Focused Friends. Focused friends was founded by great friends; Tracy White and Deano Parsons.

The two became friends while volunteering for a support group on Facebook, aimed at supporting those with Parkinson’s Disease. The group came to an end and so Tracy and Deano set about creating a replacement, which they called Parkinson’s Road.

Over the three years, or so, since, Parkinson’s Road has a membership in the thousands, from across the globe and a team of volunteers who also come from far flung countries. Deano and Tracy stepped down from their roles in Parkinson’s Road in November 2020, to focus on other projects, including Focused Friends.

Also from the team at Parkinson’s Road, and still part of that team, come Debbie Walker and Margaret S. Morton. With a friendship born of supporting others and overcoming personal difficulty, Tracy, Deano, Debbie and Margaret are set to use their skills and life experience to share interesting, uplifting, inspiring and thought provoking insights into their lives.

Well, life isn’t always rosy, as we all know, so there will be meaningful, challenging and even shocking articles, too.

This is the stuff of life. Oh…and Debbie and Deano are cousins. There will be many future posts from them about their get-togethers each year.

These friends look forward to sharing their experiences of life with you. Please do participate by commenting and do please support the friends by sharing articles with your own friends on social media.

This is how Focused Friends was born. Simply from an idea and a life ethic. The main methods that the friends will use to reach out to people will be through the media of video, photography and written articles. Over time, we will add in facilities such as podcasts and live video broadcasts.

It is fair to say that you will find a growing library of fun, interesting and informative articles. You will be given access to a whole variety of creative methods and outcomes, as the four friends go about daily life and, at times, participate in what takes them away from their typical day and into a mini adventure; from simply trying new things to adventures in other places.

Are you ready to accompany the friends as they go about life with a ‘can do’ attitude, a sense of adventure and a willingness to share that with you? Are you likely to have a go yourself and try out some of the ideas that the four friends test out?

Please participate as interactively as is reasonable. The four friends would love to receive messages from you that describe your own approach to living a creative and vibrant life.

They will happily interview you on Zoom or other video service providers and share the recorded outcome to their social media sites to help inspire others. They want to hear the unusual, the funny, the emotionally moving, the happy…everything from you, about how you begin this process for yourself.

Message from Deano:
“We thank you for your interest in our project. We hope to make new friends along the way and we hope to share new adventures, with new people, in new places and to push ourselves to doing the things we’ve dreamed of. “ – Deano Parsons.

A Few Facts…

Deano is a retired psychotherapist with a 20 year career history.

Tracy has a big family; with her husband and six children.

Debbie has raised funds for charity by skydiving.

Margaret refurbishes old furniture and gives them a new lease of life.

Deano is learning to play the piano and he has a passion for singing.

Tracy has a whole Instagram account dedicated to baking cheesecakes!

Debbie and Deano are related. They are first cousins with a love for art.

Margaret has been a successful bodybuilder and fitness guru.

Tracy and her family live on a large farm, in a beautiful farmhouse.