Sampling Soup – Pea and Ham

I calculated this as 250 Calories for a bowl. The full recipe totaled 998 Calories and we simply shared it into four rather than weigh or measure it this time. Another low fat, low calorie soup. I really enjoyed this one too. Quite flavour-some, but it’s also thicker and so it felt more substantial and…

Project 365 – Day 31 – Pancake Day!

It’s Pancake Day! I wasn’t sure if I would be participating this year, because I know that the calories will be enormous. However, in our family online group chat, I just received a photo from my daughter who has made them for herself this morning, as she lives in her own home now. Her photo…

Sampling Soup : Sweet Potato with a Thai Twist

300ml for just under 200Kcal
Another Tasty Soup – and my new favourite. Feels far more calorific than it actually is, smooth, creamy and with a twist of Thai that adds something just a bit special.
300ml for just under 200Kcal

Sampling Soup – Pea and Coconut

Making Soup in the soup maker is a great way to eat healthier and to incorporate far more veg into your diet.
Calories – 134 Kcal for a 250ml bowl

Sampling Soup – About

As a newbie to the mystical Soup Maker, I am discovering how amazing it actually is. I’m using it as part of implementing change to healthier eating, and sharing my finds and progress along the way.

An uplifting winter’s walk, on a gloomy wet day

Getting out and breaking the gloomy mood After another day of watching the rain from the cosier side of my window, and feeling that I have been stuck indoors for far longer than I probably have, I went for a rather pleasant walk this afternoon. I grabbed my moment as I noticed the heavy rain…

The 365 Project – An overview

The 365 Project – To improve my physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. And during this process, to hopefully inspire anyone needing it along my way.