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“Happy New Year to all of the visitors to this site and, of course, to our loyal subscribers. Thank you for your interest and we, the team at Focused Friends, wish you all the very best of good things for 2021.

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It is no doubt an understatement to say that 2020 was not a year many of us would care to remember and, sadly, that it was a year that many of us will not forget; for all the worst reasons. Let us hope that now we will see a change and that all that has caused pain and suffering will be replaced by joy and happiness in 2021.

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Stay safe, everyone. Wherever you live, please remember; wash your hands, keep hands away from your face and maintain space from others…until things improve with regard to Covid-19.

– Deano Parsons; on behalf of the whole Focused Friends team (Deano, Tracy, Debbie and Margaret).

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