My heart breaks for the lost children of residential school. The discovery of 215 bodies is too much to bare.

Patterns from my living room

A short slideshow of shots of pattern and texture from my living room because finding the beauty in every day things makes me happy. My son Richard had a watch and said “this is so restful and satisfying “. I love that CLICK ON THE LINK ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Margaret S. Morton/ positive in positive out


Why beneath the surface lie the things we fear the most? The thin line under water The father and the Holy Ghost The bottom of the mattress just above the floor The crack of dark crunching behind the closet door images behind eyelids of imaginary truth The bitter shove to meaningless when we no longer... Continue Reading →

Not yet titled

Don’t carry my weight on your shoulders I can lift me on my own Don’t worry about my future Just care about the now Heavy is the burden of fear and lost control Heavier still is anger and loss of light in our soul Don’t Harbour any sadness for what is going to be All... Continue Reading →

Sonnet to words

I’m not writing this these are not my words I abandon their presence and twisted creeping That strive to confuse my peaceful world I push them aside and curse their seeping In my happiness they come and attack What right have they to change my pretty mood Go you words leave me you’re not welcome... Continue Reading →

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