A Day in Lincoln

We had been staying at a holiday camp, in a beautifully furnished caravan, on the border of the villages of Woodhall Spa and Tattershall; Lincolnshire. It was September 2021. The group consisted of my hubby, Kev, my cousin Debbie and our friend, Tracy. (L to R) Tracy, Kev, Debbie and I. This was a little... Continue Reading →

My Mexican Adventure: Part 4

Those Moments When.     The following morning, having made my tearful goodbyes, I eventually found my way back to the bus stop and picked up the next coach ride to Chichen Itza. I had to stop and just think about how touched I was by my friendship with Oro.  Saying goodbye was hard to... Continue Reading →

My Mexican Adventure: Part 3

Gunfire in the Jungle! Olive and Blossom were two very characterful women.  They explained to me that they had been life-long friends.  They had never married and had lived together as companions since they were in their twenties.  My instincts (gaydar!) suggested that these two striking and confident women, with neatly trimmed and greying hair, were probably... Continue Reading →

My Mexican Adventure: Part 2

A Golden Friendship. Cancun in 1996, by any stretch of imagination, was not Mexico.  Cancun, in appearance, was the United States of America.  Although the market has opened up a lot to the ‘average’ traveller, since my visit there in 1996, I am sure that Cancun is still very much the playground of the rich USA... Continue Reading →

My Mexican Adventure: Part 1

When Paradise Calls It was May 1996.  I was twenty-four going on twenty-five years of age.  John Major was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and I felt like I had my whole life ahead of me.  I had spent half of January and pretty much all of February in Australia.  That was an... Continue Reading →

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