Focused Friends Favourites – Issue 4

Issue 4 By Tracy White One of my favourite things is baking, I love creating beautiful and tasty cupcakes, cheesecakes and one of my family favourites, lemon meringue pie. I often wake up at 4am and start creating whilst everyone sleeps. I bake for family and friends mostly but I have been approached by many... Continue Reading →

Focused Friends Favourites issue No.2

Welcome to issue No. 2 of Focused Friends favorites. Posting again today is Margaret Morton. We hope you enjoy what we enjoy. Hi everybody and thanks for popping in again today. So this week I have had my focus on many little things around the house and the children of course. It’s back to school... Continue Reading →

Trying something New.

A few weeks ago I decided to start painting, I wanted to focus on trying something different as I was becoming disheartened by my painful hamstring injury. I quickly realised painting wasn’t for me. I dabbled in a few self portraits but that was a big fat No as well. Next, I turned to drawing... Continue Reading →

Forced poet

My eldest son Eugi, now 14 1/2 years old, has been forced to become a poet due to being in grade 9 English class. Fortunately for him he has a mother who loves poetry. I love reading it I love writing it I love reading it I love writing it. I love poetry. I took... Continue Reading →

My marketplace must haves

I am a big fan of reuse repurpose etc. I love to buy peoples cast off’s and update them and make them fresh looking and modern for my home. I also fix up items for other people to buy. I typically go to thrift stores in my community but I am also very keen on... Continue Reading →

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