Walking up in Autumn : 3. By the Sea

Photo by Debbie Walker My attention today was drawn to our local Sea front, where I often walk (in my attempt to burn some calories to help shift the excess weight that I (currently) carry). Not only is this exercise for weight control, it is also for the fresh sea air which can blow away... Continue Reading →

Hiding behind a Smile – Johnny Parky

I have known Johnny for a few years now through the Parkinson’s support groups on Facebook. Although we have never met I have had numerous face to face conversations with him and made a few videos on our Focused Friends YouTube Channel and found him to be a friendly, lovely and an easygoing chap. I... Continue Reading →

Don’t give up now!

It’s been Two and a half weeks now since my injury. I was doing my daily workout on the treadmill, when, all of a sudden, a sharp pain in my left thigh stopped me walking almost immediately. Yesterday, Saturday the 6th of March was in no doubt my worst day of pain yet, I’m pretty... Continue Reading →

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