Cooking With Tracy

“Tracy is the Cheesecake Queen! Look out for her SENSATIONAL cheesecake recipes.” – Deano Parsons.

“I love cooking and I love being creative. I hope you enjoy my cooking section on this site.” – Tracy White.

Be creative. Have fun.

Have Fun With Food.
I am a mum and so I want to give my family food that is tasty and nutritious. We are also partial to puddings and so I like to have fun trying new recipes and creating ideas of my own.

The ‘Cheesecake Queen’ Title!
I love cheesecakes. It’s that simple. I love to make them and who could resist their delicious taste? This is fun for me. When I went to Suffolk to stay with Deano and his husband, Kevin, I took a cheesecake with me and I have ever since been known as the ‘Cheesecake Queen!’ I’m not sure that I would go as far to call myself that! Have a go at making one of my cheesecake creations youself and make your own mind up!

Give It a Try Yourself.
I would love to hear from you. Have a go at making one of the recipes featured in this section. I might even invite you to write about your experience and share a photo of your completed dish.

The Challenge of Parkinson’s.
I cannot always cook and sometimes I can’t prepare food. I have good days, bad days and days somewhere between the two. I will share with you my challenges, as well as my tips on coping, in relation to cooking as a person with Parkinson’s. From feedback about how I manage, plus ideas and recommendations on cooking gadgets, through to just allowing myself to accept that a bad day must be a no cooking day. Never give up.

Interact and Participate.

Send Me Your Recipes and Suggestions.
If there is a dish you would recommend and that you would like me to make, then drop me a line and tell me all about it. My e-mail address is in the page entitled ‘Contact’, in the main menu, above.

I cannot guarantee to make all of the cooking ideas suggested, but I will certainly consider all of the ideas you send to me.

Some of the videos I make, of my cooking in progress, will be added to this site. Do please take a look and don’t forget to visit our fab
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Watch Out for ‘Live’ Film at Facebook!
Come and hit ‘like’ at our Focused Friends Facebook page. Sometimes, I will go to live broadcast and you will be able to watch me cook in real-time or you may be given details of ingredients and equipment to have ready, so you can cook along with me. I look forward to seeing you at our various Social Media sites, as detailed via the main menu, above.

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