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Debbie Walker.

Hello, and Welcome 🙂

2020 was a year of challenge and unprecedented loss and change for many, many people.

I am no different. I suffered deep and painful losses, and endured a grief that I’d never imagined possible. All followed by losing my job from which I worked for 35 years. All this during a time when the world has been going through its own trauma, caused by Covid-19

When I was invited to consider joining Focused Friends, I saw it as a chance to make a change for myself. A positive change. Something that makes me smile. Something for me. Something which gives me the opportunity to make a part of this year mine. I want this to be a year that I can look back upon and feel proud.

I am an Admin for Parkinson’s Road and Caregivers on the Parkinson’s Road; a global online support group for people living with, and whom care for, those who have Parkinson’s Disease. This is where I first got to know Tracy and Margaret. Deano was there too, but as he’s my cousin I knew him already !

For me, Focused Friends is about starting something new. To have a place where I can explore a new interest in writing, to share what makes me smile along with my other Focused Friends, whilst hopefully inspiring others to also recognise what we have about us each and every day, and how much we can draw from that… despite the challenges and hardships that life can throw our way. To see that we can have fun; can be creative; how we can find new ways in which to explore our connections with the world and people we share it with.

So, I hope that readers enjoy our content, that someone somewhere is inspired to try something new, something just for fun and to remember that we can find happiness in the simplicity of life, even when it feels that the odds are against us.

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