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“This is my name. Did I mention cake? I am a dabbling artist. I am enjoying having the time and space to explore the arts. I don’t know whether I would be classed as an artist, though I do have a GCSE (high school qualification) in Art and Design. I am certainly creative and so I refer to myself as a ‘Creative Artist’; though I’m not one for labels.

I hope that you will enjoy Focused Friends. Feel free to comment on my articles or to message me if you would like to ask anything not covered here. You may be interested to know that Debbie Walker, in our team, is my cousin. You may see us refer to each other in some of our posts, when we go to places or events together. Please come back again, for I will continuously add to my content on this site, as will the whole team. If you see something you like, please do share it on your social media platforms, to help us connect with other interested folk. Thanks.” – Deano.

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Professional Background

My background is largely in health and mental health. I’m a retired psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. I have also been a commissioner of health services, NHS specialist services team leader, service manager of an addictions treatment service and support worker for the homeless and victims of hate crime. I have a background in activism for human rights, equality and conservation.

Other Snippets About Me

I am from west London; of Scottish and French ancestry. I’ve lived in Suffolk since 2007 with my husband and our two very cheeky dogs. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2017 at age 46. I love to travel. I have published a book, a few short story e-books and I’ve written a few short plays. I love gardening. I have a fab Bongo campervan. I believe kindness is the key to humanity’s future.

What Will Deano Be Publishing at Focused Friends?

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The stuff of life….

“Focus on what you can do, not on what you cannot.”
– Valerie Cooper.

“This is a photo of my late mother and I, in 2015. I sadly lost my mother in January 2020. The above quote, about focusing on that which you can, rather than what you cannot, has been truly inspirational in my life. Valerie Cooper; my mum. I hope her words offer inspiration to you, as you face life’s daily and landmark challenges.”

– Deano Parsons.