Patterns from my living room

A short slideshow of shots of pattern and texture from my living room because finding the beauty in every day things makes me happy. My son Richard had a watch and said “this is so restful and satisfying “. I love that CLICK ON THE LINK ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Margaret S. Morton/ positive in positive out

Old Traditions Lovingly Carried On

Photo (and egg paint 😄) by Debbie Walker Recently I went on an annual family picnic which traditionally we have done for many, many years. As part of our tradition, we paint and roll hard boiled eggs down the hillside. As I grew up with this it's a 'normal activity' to me and I didn't... Continue Reading →

Your Component Parts

"People only look at me as a Beatle but my friends look at me as a whole person. That's how life works, but it's not bugging me any more."- Ringo Starr. I’d like you to think of yourself in component parts! For example; as having component parts that include a creative self, an intellectual self,... Continue Reading →

Art through nature and nurture

My budding artist In the last couple of years I have discovered a new appreciation for art and for creating things with my own hands. One of the things that I can be thankful for having Parkinson’s. I’ve always been creative and crafty. But I’ve taken it a little further with these crafts of late.... Continue Reading →

Us moments 1

An original poem Give me light by candle A cracking fire too Blankets piled high And cuddling with you We’ll sink into the pillows And breathe each other in We’ll wrap and pull and conform to skin on skin on skin Falling asleep mid sentence I’ll wake to your snore These are the moments our... Continue Reading →

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