Tracy’s Weight Loss & Healthier Lifestyle Journey. Week 8

It’s almost two weeks since my hamstring injury (self diagnosed) and even though it’s slightly better I am far from being able to return on the treadmill as I am still in an awful lot of pain. I was getting so frustrated and annoyed with myself I was wondering whether to stop wearing my Fitbit…

Sampling Soup – Pea and Ham

I calculated this as 250 Calories for a bowl. The full recipe totaled 998 Calories and we simply shared it into four rather than weigh or measure it this time. Another low fat, low calorie soup. I really enjoyed this one too. Quite flavour-some, but it’s also thicker and so it felt more substantial and…

Sampling Soup : Sweet Potato with a Thai Twist

300ml for just under 200Kcal
Another Tasty Soup – and my new favourite. Feels far more calorific than it actually is, smooth, creamy and with a twist of Thai that adds something just a bit special.
300ml for just under 200Kcal

Sampling Soup – Pea and Coconut

Making Soup in the soup maker is a great way to eat healthier and to incorporate far more veg into your diet.
Calories – 134 Kcal for a 250ml bowl

Tracy’s Weight loss and Healthier Lifestyle Journey ~Week 5

I knew my weight loss would slow down this week but I still lost 1b which I’m really happy about. Since 1st January My total weight loss is now 13b (1 pound short of a stone) . I am keeping up with my walking on treadmill daily and my other exercises, weights and squats every…

Sampling Soup – About

As a newbie to the mystical Soup Maker, I am discovering how amazing it actually is. I’m using it as part of implementing change to healthier eating, and sharing my finds and progress along the way.

The 365 Project – An overview

The 365 Project – To improve my physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. And during this process, to hopefully inspire anyone needing it along my way.