In Focus: Cold Days

"In the height of winter, Deano and I shared a glimpse into our lives in the cold of the snowy season. My family and I are based in Lincolnshire and Deano and his are based in Suffolk. If you enjoy snowfall, then you'll like this video. Did you have snow, where you live, over winter?... Continue Reading →

In Focus: Here and There

"It's good people who make good places."- Anna Sewell. "In this video, Tracy and I share something of our day. We start with my morning in Suffolk and move to Tracy's afternoon in Lincolnshire. Oh...and it's during winter. Brrrr! How has your winter been? Please tell us about how your typical winters day looks, in... Continue Reading →

Beauty In the Sky!

Last night I was going through some photos on my iPad , some recent, some taken years ago and as I love making videos I thought I would put them together and share with you on here.. All photos were taken where I live, a hamlet in Lincolnshire not far from the coast.

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