We are not lucky – and we are busy

Someone close to Robert said ‘I can’t believe how busy the two of you always are. I’m trying to slow down and you two have ramped it up.’ Yes we have. But we have always been very energetic people who get involved in a lot of activities and since becoming parents in 2008 this has... Continue Reading →

The case for picture perfect sharing

Picture this. Your kids are all dressed up you finally have them all in one place to snap a few “nice” pictures for the grandparents. But the middle child doesn’t like the clothes that you picked for him, the youngest doesn’t want to sit with her brothers - she wants to have her picture by... Continue Reading →

Life After Dad – Mum and I

My relationship with Mum I love my mum very much , however, her bluntness and forgetfulness can come across rude, but, saying that our relationship is much closer since Dad passed away. I see mum most Sundays and I ring her almost daily (this was mum’s request as she feared if anything happened to her... Continue Reading →

Our Little Fighter.

"When you are pregnant the most commonly asked question is “what would you like, a boy or a girl?” Most would reply “ I don’t mind as long as our baby is healthy “ Your child’s wellbeing is priceless and the most precious thing in the world". I guess alarm bells should have started ringing during... Continue Reading →

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