All Change. Mind the Gap.

As I sit here at my desk at home, at just after 1am, I can hear the rumble of the elctric fire that is next to me in the bedroom. It belonged to my late mother, who very sadly passed away in 2020. The little glow of orange light brings me great comfort on a... Continue Reading →

Not yet titled

Don’t carry my weight on your shoulders I can lift me on my own Don’t worry about my future Just care about the now Heavy is the burden of fear and lost control Heavier still is anger and loss of light in our soul Don’t Harbour any sadness for what is going to be All... Continue Reading →

The Lifeline Paradox

“They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” - Andy Warhol. I am at my desk, as the clock fast approaches midnight, thinking about change.  Change is everywhere and it is somehow everything.  Ironically, change is a constant.  That is a fact that does not change.  No matter what is happening... Continue Reading →

Us moments 1

An original poem Give me light by candle A cracking fire too Blankets piled high And cuddling with you We’ll sink into the pillows And breathe each other in We’ll wrap and pull and conform to skin on skin on skin Falling asleep mid sentence I’ll wake to your snore These are the moments our... Continue Reading →

The case for picture perfect sharing

Picture this. Your kids are all dressed up you finally have them all in one place to snap a few “nice” pictures for the grandparents. But the middle child doesn’t like the clothes that you picked for him, the youngest doesn’t want to sit with her brothers - she wants to have her picture by... Continue Reading →

2020 – Life in Lockdown

A year of truly understanding the value of connections, relationships and self-resilience. Loss, Love, Loneliness and Laughter For me, like many I'm sure, a rollercoaster year where the lowest lows have been visited, and the highs of appreciation have taken flight. Who we have in our life, and the strength we didn't know was ours,... Continue Reading →

The case for living commemoration

Have you ever put together a compilation of photographs for somebody to commemorate their life? A scrapbook, a slideshow, video? You know the ones where you put together a chronology of their accomplishments and special moments in their life. These are usually done at retirement parties or funerals. The last funeral that we attended was... Continue Reading →

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