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Focused Friends

From articles, to vlogs, videos, to podcasts and more besides, come and say hello at Tracy and Deano’s various social media sites. The aim of the social media sites is to spark ideas, imagination and to inspire a ‘can do’ approach to life. Tracy and Deano each live with chronic illness, in their case Parkin’son’s Disease. The message they send is very much one of keeping going, keep on trying and no matter how small, find something that brings gratitude and joy in each new day.


Deano writes a blog and has already achieved over 47,000 visitor hits. If you want to learn more about how Deano approaches life with a sense of adventure, creativity and optimism, then this blog will have something to offer. Pop along and register as a follower, completely FREE. Simply click on the image above to be taken to ‘DeanoCreative.’


Tracy has quite a following at social media network TikTok. From informative vidoes through to funny videos, dance videos and videos in which Tracy shows us that, no matter what personal or health difficulties we face, we can still make just a few minutes each day for fun, energy and staying in good shape physically. Simply click on the image above, to be transported to Tracy’s amazing TikTok page.

“Our aim is to raise awareness of Parkinson’s Disease while also showing that with a focus on what you ‘can’ do, rather than what you ‘cannot’ do, life can still be rewarding and fun, despite the huge difficulty that this disease, and any chronic illness, causes.”

Deano Parsons.

“We all have the bad days. Sometimes you have to simply sit back and do nothing, because chronic illness has a big impact on life. We believe that, no matter how bad the day, it is always possible to find or create a positive. We hope to inspire you.”

Tracy White.