A place to remember my Dad

It’s been four years since I lost my Dad to melanoma and there’s not a day goes by that I don’t think of him, you never stop missing your loved ones do you? you just learn to live with the loss. June is always a difficult month, not only is it the month of Father’s s Day and Dad’s birthday but, also my birthday too. As Father’s Day approaches I always find that day more difficult than his or my birthday, but, still, I feel a deep sadness on each occasion.

The reason I made a memorial garden was because Dad was a keen gardener himself, his garden was his pride and joy, beautiful, immaculate and never letting his grass grow longer than an inch. For years Dad would try to encourage me to start gardening but my life was so busy with my huge family I just didn’t have the time, (not realising time for Dad was running out) I regret not doing our garden sooner as I know Dad would have loved to share his passion and knowledge of gardening with me.

I wanted to do something special in honour of his memory and this is when I decided to make a memorial garden. Mum gave me and my sister some of Dads ashes and in April 2017 I planted a Rose Bush, bought an owl (dad loved owls) and started on his memorial corner, my sister and mum did the same.
The only problem was after I tidied a corner of the garden it just made the rest of the garden look terrible! That was when I took on the task of making the rest of my garden look just as nice. Over the years I have added numerous plants, filled in the pond and kept the garden tidy and pretty, it’s nowhere near as beautiful as my dad’s garden once was but I think Dad would have been very proud of my achievement.

My memorial garden is a place I can talk to Dad, a place to lay his cards and a place I can sit quietly and remember all the wonderful memories, my garden is for him, a tribute to him and a place I will always keep beautiful in memory of him.

Miss you Dad ❤️



A tribute on my Dad’s Birthday 5th June.

My Thoughts are with everyone this Sunday that no longer have their fathers.

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